History of the Masters

A history of the Masters, one of golf's most iconic tournaments

The Masters is one of the world’s famous sporting events. We take a look at the rich traditions of this tournament along with some iconic events.

Byron Nelson

A biography of Byron Nelson, one of golf's greatest ever players

The game of golf has not known many players like Byron Nelson, neither in his time, nor now. Read our biography of one of golf’s greatest ever players.

Walter Hagen

A biography of Walter Hagen, one of golf's greatest ever players

With forty-five wins and eleven majors Walter Hagen played the game as well as it has ever been played.

Tom Watson

Biography of Tom Watson, one of the greatest golfers ever

Tom Watson is one of golf’s greatest ever players and also one of the game’s gentlemen.

Sam Snead

A biography of Sam Snead, one of golf's greats

The holder of the record for most career victories is the legendary Sam Snead, one of the most honorable golfers.

Bobby Jones

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Bobby Jones was golf’s greatest amateur. Known for his sportsmanship and honesty, he left an amazing legacy.

Ben Hogan Biography

A biography of Ben Hogan, one of the greatest golfers

Ben Hogan played the game of golf as well, if not better than it had been played before or since.