Golf driving tips to tee off like a pro

A golfer tee-ing off like a pro after these golf driving tipsTake heed of these golf driving tips and you’ll be tee-ing off like a pro in no time…

When you stand on that first tee and look down the fairway what are you thinking? Is your aim just to grip and rip it, hitting it as hard and far as you can?

If so, maybe you should have a re-think and take the time to pick a specific target and visualize the shot you’re about to play.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the more times you hit the fairway, the better your round is likely to be. You’re much more likely to hit the green in regulation from the middle of the fairway than you are from way off into the rough.

And the more greens you hit in regulation, the lower your score will be. So the next time you’re tee-ing off, consider these golf driving tips and then you’ll be able to tee off like a pro…

A few golf driving tips

Have a plan

Firstly, have a plan.

A common technique is to eliminate one side of the course by having a stock bread and butter shot that you can rely  on off the tee, whether that is a draw or a fade. If you’re a natural drawer of the ball for example, then if you always play the draw off the tee you can be sure of landing on the same side of the fairway all the time.

Choose a target

Secondly, pick a target.

Have a specific target in mind – pick the smallest target that you are confident you can hit, visualize the shot and then go for it.

Know your game

Thirdly, know your game and how you’re playing at that time.

If you’re struggling with a particular shot or club and so are lacking confidence in it then choose a different one. Don’t keep trying something that’s not working at the moment. Save it for the practice range to get it back in working order.

Be meticulous

Stick to your routine.

If you watch the professional golfers on TV you’ll see that every one of them has a pre-shot routine that they stick to meticulously.

That isn’t a coincidence.The purpose of the routine is to focus your body and relax your mind.

If you do different things every time you tee off your body will be confused and you’ll never get into that state where you subconsciously repeat the same swing that works every time.


Take on board these golf driving tips and you’ll be well on the way to tee-ing off like a pro.

Good luck on the course!

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