Golf drills at home

Learn how to practice golf at home with these drills

If you can’t find as much time as you’d like to visit the range, don’t worry. Learn how to practice golf at home with these drills.

Golf pitching drills

A look at how to practice pitching including some pitching drills

Learn how to practice pitching and use these pitching drills to improve your game and save shots around the green.

Golf downswing drills

A look at the golf downswing sequence along with some downswing drills and tips

These golf downswing drills and tips will help you to perfect your technique, which will in turn help your game enormously.

Golf swing plane drills

Player going through some golf swing plane drills

The golf swing plane is the path your club takes and is one of the most important elements of a good swing. These drills are sure to help.

How to groove a good backswing

Player working on some golf backswing drills

Improving your golf swing through the use of backswing drills will be sure to help your game. This article discusses a couple of drills you can use.

Some golf putting drills

A guy working on some golf putting drills

Putting is a vital part of golf and can make a real difference to the scores you shoot. Here are some golf putting drills you can use to hone your skills.