Some tips on how to avoid back pain from golf

Man having back pain from golfGolf is a wonderful sport that’s not only great fun and very sociable but it also gets you plenty of outdoor exercise too.

But if you suffer from back pain, then you can find yourself in agony after a round of golf. Indeed, some back pain sufferers end up quitting the game. And that’s obviously something a golf lover wants to avoid if possible.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to prevent back pain after a round of golf, and even before and during your round.

So with that in mind, here’s a few tips on how to avoid back pain from golf…

How to avoid back pain from golf

Warm up properly

Make sure you properly warm up before you tee-off. This means doing stretching exercises to get your back in tip-top shape for your round.

Speak to your doctor and ask them for some good exercises you can do to warm up your back and prevent pain.

Stay active during the week

If the only exercise you get is your weekend round of golf, then there’s no wonder your back complains after you’ve finished!

So don’t be a couch potato: stay active throughout the week. Otherwise, you’re definitely heading for a sore back after your round.

Heading for the driving range a couple of times a week is a good way to keep your back in shape, as are bending and stretching exercises.

Take golf lessons

If your body shape and/or stance is wrong then your golf swing will be putting increased pressure on your lower back and this will likely result in back pain.

Book in for some lessons with a pro and fine tune your technique. This will lessen the odds of post-golf back pain.

You can also look at purchasing a golf swing analyzer so you can study and improve your swing on your own too. The best golf swing analyzers will let you record and reply your swing in 3D and from any angle, so you can look at it in depth. They’ll also give you tips and advice for improving your swing too.

Take it slowly

If you’re just taking up golf, or you’re returning to the sport from a prolonged absence, don’t rush right back into it.

Take your time and just play a few holes at first. If you go out and play a full round, or overdo it at the driving range, you’ll be putting too much unexpected pressure on your back. And that can only lead to soreness afterwards.

See a specialist

If you do suffer from regular back pain from golf, it’s important that you see a back specialist.

They will diagnose the problem properly and give you a special exercise routine to help prevent back pain. And that can only be good for your game.

Strengthen your back

If you look after your back and work on keeping it in good condition then you’re much less likely to suffer from back pain as a result of golf.

So develop an exercise routine to build and strengthen your back muscles.


Don’t just quit golf if you’re suffering from a sore back. Try some of these tips on how to avoid back pain from golf and see if they help.

You should always consult with a doctor if you’re pain is serious, and before starting any new exercise routine.

Good luck on the course!

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