A few winter golf tips

A few winter golf tips to make the most of your game during the cold and wet monthsMany golfers put their clubs away and don’t play during the winter months. After all, who wants to play in the freezing cold and biting winds? The ground could be heavy and muddy meaning your ball doesn’t roll and striking it is more difficult. Not to mention that the ball doesn’t travel as far through the air.

So it’s no real surprise that even the most enthusiastic of golfers may avoid playing winter golf.

If you do want to continue playing during the cold season here are a few winter golf tips for you…

Winter golf tips

Preferred lies

It’s likely that preferred lies will be in operation. Take advantage of this! Don’t be a hero and try and play from boggy ground, it won’t do anything for your score or your game. Pick up your ball, give it a good clean, drop it in a good spot and concentrate on swinging as well as possible.

Take the opportunity to practice

If the course is empty this is an ideal time to practice, especially around the green. So if you’re left with a chip shot and there are no groups of players behind you, drop a couple of extra balls and play the shot a few times.

You can also take as much time as you want over shots when the course is empty. Just watch that you don’t get into the habit of playing too slowly, or you’ll struggle when spring arrives and you need to play a bit quicker.

Wear metal spikes

If your club permits it, wear metal spikes during your winter rounds. They’ll help prevent you slipping or falling out on the wet course and will also give you increased grip during your swing.

Avoid the lottery of the greens

Winter greens can be a nightmare. When muddy they cut up easily and when frozen they’re bumpy and unpredictable. Trying to putt in such conditions can ruin your confidence and affect your putting stroke.

So consider only taking one putt per green and counting at most two putts per hole. If you’re playing with a partner agree that this is what you’ll do before you start your round.

Take care on winter tee mats

Tee mats can be very slippy which can cause you to lose your balance during your swing. Try widening your stance a little to provide more stability.

Also, be aware that the mat isn’t necessarily lined up with the hole! So while it can be tempting to use the line of the mat as a guide, you’re betting ignoring it and choosing your own line when teeing off.

Take account of the softness of the greens

If it’s wet, the greens will be softer. This means your ball won’t run as far after pitching. So you need to take account of this when choosing the right club for your approach shots.

Don’t use a golf cart

If it’s cold you need to need to keep moving to stay warm. So in cold conditions avoid the golf cart and walk the course instead. Otherwise you’re likely to get cold and stiffen up, which will affect your game badly.

Keep your hands warm

It’s important you keep your hands nice and warm during winter rounds. Get yourself a good pair of winter golf gloves and also keep hand warmers in your pocket.


Winter golf isn’t always pleasant and many players avoid it altogether. If you do play, don’t focus too much on the scores you shoot. Instead, try using these winter golf tips to improve your game and prepare for the warmer months ahead.

Good luck on the course!

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