Gary Player

Biography of Gary Player, one of the greatest ever golfers

He’s one of the best players to ever live, having earned over 100 titles in various tours throughout his career including 9 majors.

Tiger Woods

A biography of Tiger Woods

There are a few people in the world that are so famous they will forever be instantly recognizable by their first name alone. Of course, it does help when your name is “Tiger.”

Arnold Palmer – The King

The King - Arnold Palmer biography

There is a reason that they call Arnold Palmer the King. With over 60 wins including 6 major titles to his name, Palmer will always have a place in the record books.

How to hit hybrids

A guide to how to hit a hybrid golf club and when to use one

Knowing how and when to hit hybrids can make things much easier for you out on the course and help shoot lower scores.

Golf drills at home

Learn how to practice golf at home with these drills

If you can’t find as much time as you’d like to visit the range, don’t worry. Learn how to practice golf at home with these drills.

Gifts for golfers

Ideas and suggestions for golf gifts

Guidelines and suggestions for the best golf gifts you can buy.

Golf pitching drills

A look at how to practice pitching including some pitching drills

Learn how to practice pitching and use these pitching drills to improve your game and save shots around the green.